Thursday, July 03, 2008

Saying Another Goodbye

Most of the time, when I watch the news and they talk about this celebrity or that celebrity, I really don't care what's going on in their lives. Angelina and Brad and their babies? Phfft. Good for them, but I. Don't. Care.

But there have been two people who have recently died that have made me regret I never had a chance to meet them. One is Tim Russert. The other is this man:

Don S. Davis. His acting portfolio is varied, but what I remember him best for is his portrayal of General George Hammond on Stargate. He was one of my favorite recurring characters on the show and I missed him when his appearances were curtailed. His last role was on the upcoming Stargate: Continuum movie that's being released on DVD at the end of this month. It'll be a bittersweet experience, watching that movie.

Joe Mallozzi posted a very touching tribute to Don on his blog yesterday. When I read it, I was pleased to discover that the man I thought Don was, based on my observations of him, was really the kind of man he was. Gentle, gracious, and loyal to his friends above any consideration to himself.

Rest well, Hammond of Texas. I wish I'd known you.


Maria Zannini said...

I'm so sorry to hear this. I really liked him. Thanks for letting us know.

Sherrill Quinn said...

Sure thing, Maria. Kinda makes me want to pop open my boxed set of SG-1 and have a mega-marathon.

Damned deadlines. That'll have to wait until after August 1st. :)

Rebsbelle said...

I hadn't heard, had to go check out some other sites. He sounds like a good and great man. I loved him as General Hammond.

Caffey said...

Sherrill, Tim Russert was from here in Buffalo and I met him at a book signing when I happened to come in and the was socializing after the signing but I didn't know who he was but I was checking out his book and my hubby was talking to him and they came up and Jim tried to hear some and interpret for me, and he was the kindest man and so open with his heart. I bought the book of his about him and his dad for my dad. He loved getting it. Then I saw him a couple times at stores, etc. I can't say I knew him as a friend but having met him just totally made my day with his warmth. I don't recall ever seeing Stargate but I'm going to ask my hubby since he watching alot of movies and shows. I understand how hard it is for it happening so sudden, its still hard to accept that Tim Russert is gone and others that left our lives be them family or friends or those we knew and too those we never met and wished we did. Many are unreachable to us, like probably Don S. Davis was because of his being a celebrity as well not near us, so it makes it so much harder. So again, I too am sorry for the difficulty this is and I knew it helped for me to write my thoughts in a journal or a pray and believe that he got that, that he knew many appreciated him and cared.

Sherrill Quinn said...

Me, too, rebsbelle. I think he was truly a Southern gentleman, something we don't see a whole lot of nowadays. Makes his passing all the sadder.

Sherrill Quinn said...

Hey, Caffey. I know how much Tim loved Buffalo--he always talked about it and rooted for the Bills every chance he got on Meet the Press. I'm so glad you had a chance to meet him.

From what I hear, he, like Don S. Davis, were very approachable by "fans" and always seemed appreciative of peoples' interest in their work.