Friday, November 30, 2007


Devon Maertissa is on the run. Her abbreviated time as a resistance fighter resulted in a botched hijacking of an arms shipment in which the arms dealer died. Unjustly accused of being the direct cause of his death, she takes a chance to attend her sister's wedding, even knowing bounty hunters are after her. The one man she's most concerned about is a cyborg named Bane Carradoc.

Bane's determined to do his job and bring in another fugitive. He's not prepared for Devon . The longer he's with her, the more he begins to believe she may not be guilty of the charges. When another bounty hunter shows up, Bane has to save her and then make a decision.

Does he complete the mission as he always has? Or does he let his conscience be his guide? And...what then?

Read an excerpt or buy.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Lazy Thursday

Well, my mom and sister are still here and we were going to head out this morning to the Arizona Sonoran Desert Museum (it's a zoo that doesn't feel like a zoo), but we're getting rain today, so that's canceled.

Yep, you heard me. Rain in the desert! Yay! I'll take canceled plans to have rain--we desperately need it. It's supposed to rain through Saturday, with heavier rains coming on Saturday.

So today we're just gonna hang out, maybe make a trip to the grocery store (I'm out of dishwasher detergent and trash bags--how exciting, eh?). We need to find my brother G something more for his birthday, which is Tuesday, but we're having a party for him tomorrow night before Mom and my sister leave.

Anywho... thought I'd leave a bit of eye candy for y'all to enjoy today.

Have a great Thursday!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007


This movie made for a fun afternoon. James Marsden played a handsome--if somewhat dim--prince, Susan Sarandon performed wonderfully as the wicked step-mother, Patrick Dempsey was cute (does he really have to do anything more than look good?) and Amy Adams played the part of the naive and outrageously optimistic bride-to-be with believability.

I'm happy to say this is one I'm happy to have seen in the theater (as opposed to wishing I'd waited 'til it came out on DVD).

If you've seen it, what did you think?

Monday, November 26, 2007

Man Meat Monday

It's gonna be a lazy day today, so enjoy these fellas who are takin' it easy.

Have a happy Monday!

Friday, November 23, 2007

Happy Day After Thanksgiving

My mom and sister are visiting and we're going to be running around today (NOT shopping)--going to see a movie and grab a bite to eat. But I'm leaving a little something for you to enjoy today...

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

To all Americans who happen by my blog today, I wish you the happiest of Thanksgiving. To all non-Americans, have a safe and happy day!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Tuesday Treats

Who doesn't love cowboys?

Howdy there, ma'am. I'm so tough and manly, been workin' so hard I've ripped holes in my jeans.

Hey, there! I had to take my shirt off to work. See my big, manly belt buckle? It's just above something else that's big and manly...


Monday, November 19, 2007

ToThe Victor Go The Spoils

To The Victor Go The Spoils - Coming November 30th to Ellora's Cave:

Devon Maertissa is on the run. Her abbreviated time as a resistance fighter resulted in a botched hijacking of an arms shipment in which the arms dealer died. Unjustly accused of being the direct cause of his death, she takes a chance to attend her sister's wedding, even knowing bounty hunters are after her. The one man she's most concerned about is a cyborg named Bane Carradoc.

Bane's determined to do his job and bring in another fugitive. He's not prepared for Devon. The longer he's with her, the more he begins to believe she may not be guilty of the charges. When another bounty hunter shows up, Bane has to save her and then make a decision.

Does he complete the mission as he always has? Or does he let his conscience be his guide? And...what then?

~ * ~

Breathing a sigh of relief, Devon turned the corner and picked up her pace. She couldn't get caught. Not by Bane, not by any bounty hunter. She'd heard the stories of what happened to prisoners at the hands of the Elysian Federation.

As much as she despised the local resistance leader, she wouldn't betray him. The colonists on the outer fringe deserved protection and Wilder and his band of merry men was it.

Her skin prickled with awareness. As she started to turn to look behind her, a big hand grabbed her upper arm. The hard clasp drew her up onto her toes for a moment.

"Just keep going." The voice was deep, well-suited to the tall, broad-shouldered man walking by her side. His gaze met hers and she sucked in a breath.


Draped from head to toe in unforgiving black, he looked stiff and unyielding.

Without thinking, she twisted around and rammed her foot as hard as she could into the juncture of his thick thighs.

He bent with a groan, letting go of her to cup his abused genitals.

Devon didn't wait around. She sprinted down the corridor, her heavy shoes clumping on the metal floor.

A deep roar echoed after her, then the pounding of heavy boots.

Gasping for breath, she ran into the passenger transport area. She pushed her way through the crowd, her lungs heaving so hard it hurt. Her body cold with fear, she kept moving. She had to get away. Had to! She couldn't be taken prisoner.

Voices behind her cried out and she turned to see Bane striding after her, dark fury on his face. Without regard, he pushed his way through the crowd. Those who had time jumped out of his way to keep from being knocked roughly aside.

Gogogo! She spun on her heel and ran toward the far end of the platform. She heard the grunts of people behind her and knew Bane was close. As she went into a crouch to jump down into the open area where the shuttles docked, thinking to duck into one of the maintenance hatches, his hand closed over the collar of her jacket and yanked her back.

"Don't think so, li'l chickie." He wrapped a brawny arm around her neck, locking her against him. The heat from his large body seeped into her, warming her fear-chilled skin.

He crowded her up against the wall and turned her to face him, bracketing her with forearms braced beside her. Using his greater height to try to intimidate her, he leaned over so close she went cross-eyed looking at the pores on his nose.

Devon cast her gaze about, desperate to make eye contact with someone who might be willing to help her. But people kept their eyes averted, careful not to draw the big man's attention. She finally looked back at his face.

Deep, dark eyes stared down at her from beneath thick, black eyebrows. As she gazed up into his face, the pupil of his right eye dilated. She realized the cybernetic implant he had was scanning her. For what, she didn't know.

At any other time, this was a man she could very well be attracted to. His face was too rugged to be classified as handsome, but it suited her aesthetic sensibilities. It was a face that was purely masculine with its narrow blade of a nose and sensual lips, lips that were now held in a tight, grim line.

A muscle by his eye twitched, making the jagged scar dance. "You're a slippery one," he rumbled. "And don't think you're not gonna pay for that kick in the balls back there."

"Give me a break," she muttered, forcing bravado she didn't feel. Her pulse thudded in her throat, and she fought the urge to reach up and hide the throbbing vein with her finger. Even though she was scared--she didn't want to be taken in to face charges of treason that carried a death sentence--her body betrayed her by responding to his nearness. Her nipples tingled, the areolas puckered as if she were cold and a hot slick of cream slid from her core. She forced her burgeoning arousal back. "Like you wouldn't have done the same thing."

"Yeah, but then it wouldn't have been me on the receiving end of that fucking thick shoe." He drew away enough to look down at her feet. One brow quirked. "Nice touch, by the way." His nostrils flared as if he was smelling her and that brow went higher, though he didn't say anything.

Devon kept quiet as well. Her gaze strayed behind him to the crowd of people still studiously avoiding them. No help there.

"Might as well give it up, chickie." He brought one hand to her face and stroked long fingers slowly down her cheek. "I've gotcha, fair and square."

Copyright 2007 Sherrill Quinn. All Rights Reserved.

To The Victor Go The Spoils - coming Friday November 23, 2007 to Ellora's Cave!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Naughty-Sexy Chat Today

The ladies of Six Degrees of Sexy are joining the Deliciously Naughty Writers at Club Naughty today for a day full of excerpts and chatting. Come on over!

Saturday, November 17, 2007

My First Book Signing...Not

Well, the booksigning today ain't gonna happen. There's a multitude of things that went wrong, unfortunately. So if anyone was going to show up at the B&N on Broadway here in Tucson in support, thank you but you don't have to make the trip now. :)

In other news, I sent off the contracts for my story in the Dark Pantheon Series (Wicked Omen) and my contribution to the February Quickies (Jewel of Apthgar). Jewel has a February release date, Wicked Omen TBA.

Have a great weekend!

Friday, November 16, 2007

Dark Pantheon Series

I'm so excited about this series that the Deliciously Naughty Writers will be writing for Ellora's Cave. Three of us (Anna J. Evans, Kelly Maher and me) have had our first novellas accepted.

The premise: The offspring of matings between the Greek gods and humans have a price to pay for the godly blood flowing through their veins--they must take the blood of others in order to survive. That's right. They're vampires.

We put a lot of thought into this series and decided that, at least initially, we'd all write stories that took place in different time periods. Mine is the first chronologically speaking, occuring in 623 B.C. Sparta. Yep, my vampire hero is a Spartan. Yummy! The next one would be Sierra Dafoe's, taking place in Medieval times; then Anna J. Evans', an 1880's Wild West story; followed by December Quinn's, a story that takes place during the London Blitz; and finally Kelly J. Maher's, a near future tale.

Each of our heroes, too, is a descendant of a different god. Mine comes from Ares, god of war (what else, since he's Spartan?!?); Anna's is a descendant of Apollo; Sierra's comes from Aphrodite (and it promises to be HAWT!); December's is a descendant of Hephaestus; and Kelly's comes from Hades.

Stay tuned for more information regarding release dates, etc. I'll post the info as it becomes available.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

My First Book Signing

This Saturday, November 17th, from 2:00 to 5:00 p.m. at the Barnes and Noble on Broadway here in Tucson. Not sure I'll have many books to sign, though, as the person at B&N didn't contact Ellora's Cave in time to order books from them--and although I went ahead and ordered some books myself 4 weeks ago, they have yet to arrive. I also ordered several copies of Phoenix Rising I and The Praetorians anthology from New Concepts but don't have those, either.

So I'll be taking the few copies of Seasons of Seduction Volume I and Zodiac: Water that I have. What'll be sad is if I go back home with them, so if you're in Tucson or the general vicinity on Saturday, please stop by and buy a book from me. I'll throw in my autograph for free. *G*

Barnes & Noble
5130 E. Broadway Blvd.
Tucson, Arizona 85711
(520) 512-1166

In addition to me, Denise Agnew (who writes yummy erotic romantic suspense), Roz Denny Fox (a terrific author who writes for Harlequin Presents, Harlequin American and Harlequin SuperRomance), Elaine Charton, Barbara White Daille (another Harlequin author), and I know there's at least one that I'm forgetting. Anyway, I'd love to meet any of my readers who can make it.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Excerpt - The The Victor Go The Spoils

Available on November 23rd at Ellora's Cave:

Devon Maertissa is on the run. Her abbreviated time as a resistance fighter resulted in a botched hijacking of an arms shipment in which the arms dealer died. Unjustly accused of being the direct cause of his death, she takes a chance to attend her sister's wedding, even knowing bounty hunters are after her. The one man she's most concerned about is a cyborg named Bane Carradoc.

Bane's determined to do his job and bring in another fugitive. He's not prepared for Devon . The longer he's with her, the more he begins to believe she may not be guilty of the charges. When another bounty hunter shows up, Bane has to save her and then make a decision.

Does he complete the mission as he always has? Or does he let his conscience be his guide? And...what then?

~ * ~

Bane Carradoc leaned one shoulder against a corner column at the rear of the small chapel on the K4 Space Station. Hidden from most of the guests--they'd have to look over their shoulders to see him--his vantage point enabled him to view the entire room. He crossed his arms and rested the toe of one of his shit-kickers on the floor. As he stared around the chapel, a scowl covered his face. The ceiling had been draped in light blue material, strands of flowers curled along the walls, and the sound of chirping birds filled the little room.

Much too fru-fru for him. Give him the plain gray metal walls of his ship any day.

With a soft snort, he shook his head and looked out over the crowd. Approximately forty people--an eclectic gathering of humans and aliens--were seated in straight-backed chairs. Two Regalians with their tufts of feathers towered above the group while a lone Marchan stood directly opposite Bane. The Marchan's reptilian eyes met Bane's, and the lizard-man brought two clawed fingers to his temple in a haphazard salute.

One bounty hunter acknowledging another.

Bane held the other creature's gaze for another moment or two, then continued his perusal of the crowd. He hoped the fugitive didn't get snagged by the Marchan--the lizards weren't known for their mercy.

Movement to his right caught his attention. An elderly woman hobbled into the small room on the arm of one of the groomsmen. As the young man led her to a seat in the last row on the groom's side, she patted his arm and brought a lacy pink handkerchief to her eyes and dabbed. Then she slowly lowered herself onto her chair, holding onto the young man's arm until she was all the way down.

The groomsman glanced at the front, where the groom stood off to the side, waiting for the ceremony to begin. A look passed between the two, and the groom gave a brief nod. The groomsman turned and pulled the chapel doors closed and then walked up front. The two men took their places as the small orchestra began playing the bridal march.

Bane scowled. What was it with spring and weddings? As far as he was concerned, June was just another month. Nothing more or less romantic about it than any other month of the year.

Activating the computer implant in his prosthetic eye, he scanned the assembled guests, the wedding party, and the small orchestra. His implant read body temperatures, heart rates and other physiological reactions of the various people gathered for the wedding. Although no one appeared overly anxious or nervous--well, except for the groom, and he knew the groom wasn't the person he sought--it was only a matter of time before Bane narrowed in on his quarry.

Nearly eight years as a bounty hunter had honed his senses, and the addition of his cybernetic implant enhanced his own natural abilities. The fugitive was here, he knew it. His senses were on high alert. He'd learned the hard way to listen to his gut.

And his gut told him he was close. After two solid months of following leads, talking to what seemed like every low-life scum in the galaxy, he was damned close. So close and yet his quarry continued to elude his grasp. He was starting to get a little irritated, especially after he just missed the renegade at Darva Station two days ago. If he'd only been five minutes earlier…

Hell. No use crying over spilled whiskey. This time, the damned resistance fighter wouldn't get away. If Bane had to wade through every single wedding guest, he'd get his man.

Or, in this case, his woman.

Copyright ©2007 Sherrill Quinn. All Rights Reserved.

To the Victor Go the Spoils
- available November 23rd at Ellora's Cave

Monday, November 12, 2007

Man Meat Monday


You can leave your hats on, boys...

Saturday, November 10, 2007

New Cover - It Takes A Thief Or Two

Coming December 9th to Amber Heat:

Brock and Nick Phillips are security experts with a problem: their bond as twins enables them to feel what the other feels, even physical sensations. They've always known they'd have to share the same woman, and the woman they want is Jessica Norton. Jessica has wanted both men for years, but doesn't think she can have both of them. When her grandmother arranges to have the men come to the house to set them up with a new security system, the men seize the opportunity to convince Jessie she's wrong. She can have both of them and, if they're lucky, they'll steal her heart. Add an encouraging grandma and the approving ghost of her grandfather, and luck just might be on their side.

~ * ~

“We finally got our ‘in’ with Jessie.” Brockton Phillips walked into his brother’s office and plopped into the worn leather chair across from Nick’s desk. “Old lady Norton wants us to check out her place.”

His twin let out a low whistle. “I’ve always wanted to get inside that old Victorian.” White teeth flashed in a wide grin. “The house, I mean.”

“Hmm. They say it’s haunted by old man Norton.” Brock shrugged. “I don’t care. I just want to get inside Jessie.” He slung one leg over the arm of the chair and slouched into the plump depths. “I know she’s interested, but something keeps holding her back. I think maybe it’s my record.” His gut twisted with regret over stupid things he’d done as a kid, things he couldn’t undo now. Things he was afraid she wouldn’t forgive.

“She can’t hold against you stuff that you did when you were fifteen.” Nick leaned his elbows on his desk. “That was twenty years ago.”

Brock rubbed a finger over the two-inch scar on the underside of his chin. “Yeah, well, I was pretty wild then.” He met his brother’s gaze. “You know she grew up with an abusive father—that’s why she came to live with her grandparents when she was twelve. Now that she’s back in town…” He shrugged, trying to be nonchalant and seeing from Nick’s expression that he wasn’t pulling it off. “She probably doesn’t want to take a chance with me.” He motioned to the scar. “How many other men do you suppose she knows who have scars from a knife fight?”

Nick frowned. “But you haven’t been in trouble since you were a kid. And even then you weren’t beating up girls, just rival gang members. Jessie should know you’d never hurt her.” Nick lifted one dark brow. “She should know I wouldn’t let you.”

Brock shot him a grim smile. He and Nick had had their fair share of skirmishes over the years, and almost always it had pretty much come to a draw. They were evenly matched, and they both knew it.

Nick’s gaze darkened, and Brock knew he was thinking about the woman they’d both wanted for years. “Besides, I was a good kid,” Nick said. “Why is she fighting me?”

“Maybe you scare her,” Brock murmured. “You can be pretty intense at times, you know.”

Nick’s brows shot up. “I can be intense? You’ve got to be kidding me. You’re the definition of intensity, especially once you’ve decided you want something. It’s like trying to steal a gazelle from a lion.” He leaned back in his chair. “Good thing you don’t mind sharing with me.”

“Some things I don’t mind sharing. And it’s not like we have much of a choice.” At the thought of what the two of them would like to do with sweet Jessica Norton, his cock thickened, elongating against his thigh.

“Cut it out,” Nick muttered, shifting in his seat.

With the bond the two of them shared—one that went far beyond that of normal siblings—Brock knew he was broadcasting his lust to his twin. It happened whenever either of them experienced strong emotions. But he was helpless to stop it. Ever since Jessica had returned to town five years ago, he’d wanted her.



But she was skittish, and he’d had to practice restraint, a quality he wasn’t particularly known for. But with her he’d settled down with a patience that was surprising—especially to him.

And now he thought they might be able to move forward. She’d be more comfortable in familiar surroundings, and her grandmother liked them. God knew why, but she did. She’d even dropped a few not so subtle hints about her granddaughter’s lamentable single status. So surely she’d put in a good word or two.

Not that she had any idea that both men planned on being with Jessica. Through trial and error they’d discovered a long time ago that each of them being with different women didn’t work. Brock remembered the last time Nick went on a date alone. Brock had been at a meeting with his college counselor when the distinct feeling of fingers fondling his dick had broken his concentration. He’d realized immediately that Nick was with a girl and his twin’s experience was being broadcast to Brock. Five excruciating minutes later, when Nick had blown his load, Brock had, too.

Thank God the counselor had moved out of town the next year. He didn’t think the old man would ever recover from seeing one of his students have an orgasm without anyone touching him.

That had been ten years ago. Since then, any woman who set her eyes on him had to accept his brother as well. Sometimes she was intrigued, sometimes not.

But eventually the woman would decide she wanted only one of them, and the relationship ended.

“So,” Nick said, breaking into Brock’s memories. His twin cleared his throat. “When do we meet with Mrs. Norton and her lovely granddaughter? And how do you want to handle it?”

“Let’s handle it the same way we would with any other client. Otherwise Jessie will be suspicious.” As he dragged his thoughts back to business, Brock felt his erection begin to subside. “We’ll go out and have the preliminary meeting with Mrs. Norton and Jessie, find out what current security measures they have in place. Then I’ll test those measures and see just how good they are.” He stood and thrust his fingers into the back pockets of his jeans. “She wants us to come over tomorrow.”

Nick’s smile was slow and held the same anticipation that coursed through Brock.

One more day. Their wait was just about over.

Jessica Norton’s time was running out. She was about to be claimed

Copyright ©2007 Sherrill Quinn. All Rights Reserved.

Friday, November 09, 2007

You're Driving Too Fast When...

I shared this on my readers' groups yesterday, and it's just so damned funny I have to put it here on my blog.

I got stopped for speeding the other day. I thought I could talk my way out of it, until the cop looked at my dog in the back seat...


(Thanks, Su!)

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Mega Contest and Sexy Blogging

The Deliciously Naughty Writers and the awesome ladies from Six Degrees of Sexy (those Sexies have some serious talent, you know!) have gotten together for a huge holiday scavenger hunt extravaganza!

You can learn more about the contest here. (At the newly refurbished and fabulous DNW site, courtesy of the talented and hardworking Sierra Dafoe.)

And come hang out with me and the other DNW's at the Six Degrees blog and read our interview. Interact with us both at the blog and on the DNW loop, where we're going to post excerpts today. We'll also be having a great chat with the Sexies on our loop in a few weeks. If you've been to any DNW chats, then you know we're sometimes silly and always crazy, so just imagine what we'll be like with the Sexies over for a visit!

Let the fun begin!

Tuesday, November 06, 2007


From Devon at The Good, The Bad and the Unread:

"This was a light, fast read. Sherrill Quinn is a new-to-me author, with a nice, smooth writing style. Hailey, Urian and secondary characters like Lucifer were likable. I really liked the idea of the forces of good and evil being part of a great big corporation... There were some good things here, and I’m interested in seeing what Ms. Quinn can do..."

Read an excerpt or get your copy here!

Monday, November 05, 2007

Man Meat Monday

This is a great way to start out the week...

First of all, take a look at those collarbones. Those shoulders and biceps. Okay. And the tan line...

Don't you just wanna lick the line of his ribs...? And that line bisecting his abdomen...

Happy Monday!

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Praetorians - Now In Print!

Check it out:

Discovery: Deep under the Sonoran Desert, Catriona Devane searches for clues in the disappearance of the lead scientist responsible for creating the Praetorians--warriors who are human/animal hybrids.

Max Didion is the captain of the ultra elite squad of Praetorians who guard the scientific facility. A human/cougar hybrid, his heightened sense of sight, smell, and hearing make him a dangerous adversary ... or a fearsome ally.

Infiltration: Quinn liked women just fine wrapped around his ... member, he just wasn't interested in a relationship. Kendra liked being wrapped around him just fine, but she'd didn't care for his wham bam, thank you ma'am attitude.

Now, both stories are in one print volume! To read excerpts or buy, click here.

Friday, November 02, 2007

Another Treat

I got nuttin today for you, so...

More man meat!


Thursday, November 01, 2007

Amber Heat Contest

All you erotic romance authors who have been eying Amber Heat as a potential publisher, start working on your entry. The 2008 contest will be open in January and if you start your story now, you should have plenty of time to get it spit shined so it's ready to go when the window opens.

Entries are accepted from January 1st through January 15th (the first two weeks) ONLY. Click here for more details.