Friday, January 29, 2010

Friday Funny

One day Harry the eagle waited at the nest for Mary, his darling of 10 glorious years. After a while when she didn't return he went looking and found her. She had been shot dead!

Harry was devastated, but after about six minutes of mourning he decided that he must get himself another mate, but since there weren't any lady eagles available he'd have to cross the feather barrier. So he flew off to find a new mate. He found a lovely dove and brought her back to the nest.

The sex was good but all the dove would say is "I am a DOVE, I want to love! I am a DOVE, I want to love!"

Well this got on Harry's nerves so he kicked the dove out of the nest and flew off once more to find a mate. He soon found a very sexy loon and brought her back to the nest. Again the sex was good but all the loon would say is "I am a LOON, I want to spoon! I am a LOON, I want to spoon!"

So out with the loon.

Once more he flew off to find a mate. This time he found a gorgeous duck and he brought the duck back to the nest. This time the sex was great, but all the duck would say was...

NO, The duck didn't say THAT

The duck said, "I am a DRAKE, you made a MISTAKE!"


Thursday, January 28, 2010

First Book: Marie Tuhart

One of my friends had her first e-book release this week. Check it out:

Bad boy businessman Joe Bradshaw has achieved almost everything he’s wanted in life, but his strait-laced colleague Victoria Collins is proving an elusive challenge. A steamy encounter in the elevator begins a wild journey of sensual discovery. Joe’s determined to break through Vicki’s barriers to reveal the red-hot woman hiding inside. But Vicki is stalked by her past—her ex-fiancĂ© will stop at nothing to get her back. Falling in love and keeping Vicki safe could be the biggest challenges of Joe’s life.

In Plain Sight by Marie Tuhart - read an excerpt or buy.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tipsy Tuesday

Don't forget about your villain. I admit, I do struggle with this, but it's important to give your villain as much attention as your protagonist, even if much of what you know about him (or her) never makes it to the page.

One tip: Write your plot from the villain's POV. This will go a long way toward making him more than a cardboard cutout, mustache twirling stereotype.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Man Meat Monday

Sometimes the back view is just as enticing...

Friday, January 22, 2010

Friday Funny


1. Create a new folder in your PC.

2. Name it 'Housework.'

3. Send it to the RECYCLE BIN.

4. Empty the RECYCLE BIN.

5. Your PC will ask you, 'Are you sure you want to delete Housework permanently?'

6. Calmly move your cursor to 'Yes' and press mouse button firmly.

7. Feel better?

Man, I wish this really worked! LOL

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Daring the Moon - Mass Market Release

Coming next month: the mass market release of Daring the Moon!

It takes a lot to ruffle Taite Gibson. But the enormous, snarling werewolf that’s stalking her through the streets of Tucson? Yeah, that oughta do it. Those terrifying attacks convince Taite to seek out Ryder Merrick, a reclusive British horror writer reputed to know everything about werewolves, including how to kill them. Turns out he also knows how to leave her shaking with desire...

On his remote private island, Ryder can live safely with the beast inside him, unable to harm others or himself. Then Taite arrives, her lush, sweet scent and gorgeous curves tempting him to give in to every wicked hunger. And as a full moon rises, the only way to keep Taite safe from the evil that’s followed her here is to convince her to trust in an attraction that’s deeply dangerous, and wilder than she ever guessed...

Read an excerpt. You can pre-order at B&N, Borders, and Books-A-Million.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Tipsy Tuesday

While you're waiting to be published, keep in mind there are positives to what you're doing right now:

  1. You're pursuing your dream. What's more satisfying than that?
  2. You're learning, whether it's how to be a better writer or expanding your knowledge on the subjects you research for your book.
  3. Writing is exercise for the brain--it sharpens your mind even more than reading does.
  4. Writing is inexpensive to do.
  5. Writing adds a sense of surprise and anticipation to your life. What's going to happen when an editor sees my work? Will he/she like it? Will this manuscript be the one that prompts "the call"?
So while you keep your eye on the destination, make sure to enjoy the journey!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Man Meat Monday


Friday, January 15, 2010

Friday Funny

I don't ordinarily do this, but a reader of mine passed along a request that I felt I needed to share. Please make sure you read the entire message.

Hi Everyone,

I feel terrible for asking, but I need your help. And who other than friends and family, can I really ask for help?

My sister urgently needs to sell her new dishwasher. Her husband is not impressed that she wasted money on this particular model and insists that she get rid of it ASAP.

I told her I’d pass along the info. So, to keep peace in the family, please consider making an offer. All offers will be considered. It would make a great New Year's gift to yourself!

If you’re not interested, forward to your friends for me: Perhaps your model is older and needs to be replaced, another consideration to be sure!

Here's the pic of the dishwasher this lady is trying to get rid of:

Gotcha! LOL

Thursday, January 14, 2010

First Review for TAMING THE MOON

From Publishers Weekly: "Quinn packs plenty of sex and suspense into her third werewolf novel. This time Chief Insp. Rory “Sully” Sullivan of Scotland Yard is in trouble. Eddy, the sociopathic Alpha of a New York werewolf pack, had sent Olivia Felan to kill Sully in 2009’s Seducing the Moon. She accidentally turned him into a werewolf instead. Eddy is still holding Olivia’s daughter, six-year-old Zoe, as hostage, and when he demands that Olivia finish the job, she doesn’t think she can refuse. Soon Olivia and Sully join forces to take out Eddy, rescue Zoe, and have hot sex at every opportunity. But Sully has sworn revenge on the werewolf who turned him. What will he do when he finds out it’s the woman he’s falling for? Quinn reliably spices the action with explicit scenes that will keep readers hot and happy."

Available February 23rd at Kensington, Amazon, Borders, B&N, Books-A-Million and indieBound.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Tipsy Tuesday

My local RWA chapter had the first of three library panel talks this past Saturday, and I promised those folks I'd post the handout info on my blog since I didn't take enough with me. These are my recommended websites for authors:

Agent Nathan Bransford
Agent Kristin Nelson
Agent Jessica Faust
The archived posts at Miss Snark's blog
Editor Alan Rinzler
Preditors & Editors
Writer Beware

And a bonus:

Agent Nephele Tempest

Monday, January 11, 2010

Man Meat Monday

One of my favorites:

Friday, January 08, 2010

Friday Funny

This crud I have is hanging on...and on...and on. I hope to be back on track next week. But for today, check this out:

I do feel a little sorry for the sheep. And the dogs. They gotta be wondering WTF?!? LOL

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Blog Story

I've been sick this past week or so and haven't been able to work on the next installment of The Devil Inside. I'll try to get something posted by this evening. So, stay tuned...

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Tipsy Tuesday

To start out the new year, a reminder of some agent blogs you should visit regularly:

Bookends Literary Agency

Pub Rants

Nathan Bransford

Scott Eagan

The archives of Miss Snark

And an editor blog to watch: The Book Deal

Monday, January 04, 2010

Man Meat Monday

It's a new year! And I, unfortunately, have rung it in while fighting off a horrendous head cold. :( But, there's still a silver lining to my Monday:

Oy. Vay. That just might drive the rest of the germs away...