Thursday, January 14, 2010

First Review for TAMING THE MOON

From Publishers Weekly: "Quinn packs plenty of sex and suspense into her third werewolf novel. This time Chief Insp. Rory “Sully” Sullivan of Scotland Yard is in trouble. Eddy, the sociopathic Alpha of a New York werewolf pack, had sent Olivia Felan to kill Sully in 2009’s Seducing the Moon. She accidentally turned him into a werewolf instead. Eddy is still holding Olivia’s daughter, six-year-old Zoe, as hostage, and when he demands that Olivia finish the job, she doesn’t think she can refuse. Soon Olivia and Sully join forces to take out Eddy, rescue Zoe, and have hot sex at every opportunity. But Sully has sworn revenge on the werewolf who turned him. What will he do when he finds out it’s the woman he’s falling for? Quinn reliably spices the action with explicit scenes that will keep readers hot and happy."

Available February 23rd at Kensington, Amazon, Borders, B&N, Books-A-Million and indieBound.


Colleen Love said...


Wow, can't go wrong with that cover, either! Wowzers!

Sherrill Quinn said...

It's a great cover, isn't it?!