Friday, January 15, 2010

Friday Funny

I don't ordinarily do this, but a reader of mine passed along a request that I felt I needed to share. Please make sure you read the entire message.

Hi Everyone,

I feel terrible for asking, but I need your help. And who other than friends and family, can I really ask for help?

My sister urgently needs to sell her new dishwasher. Her husband is not impressed that she wasted money on this particular model and insists that she get rid of it ASAP.

I told her I’d pass along the info. So, to keep peace in the family, please consider making an offer. All offers will be considered. It would make a great New Year's gift to yourself!

If you’re not interested, forward to your friends for me: Perhaps your model is older and needs to be replaced, another consideration to be sure!

Here's the pic of the dishwasher this lady is trying to get rid of:

Gotcha! LOL


Kara said...

ROFLMAO!!! I'll buy it!!! I could use a dishwasher like that. I'd be dirtying dishes all day!!

Anonymous said...

LOL that's great! I might even like doing dishes. Hmm wonder how many times a day you can load the dishwasher!! (I know it's bad!) ;-)

Tori Lennox said...

I wonder if he does other things besides dishes....

Colleen Love said...


Love it!

Sherrill Quinn said...

Yeah, gals, I'd take one of those, too! LOL