Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Tipsy Tuesday

While you're waiting to be published, keep in mind there are positives to what you're doing right now:

  1. You're pursuing your dream. What's more satisfying than that?
  2. You're learning, whether it's how to be a better writer or expanding your knowledge on the subjects you research for your book.
  3. Writing is exercise for the brain--it sharpens your mind even more than reading does.
  4. Writing is inexpensive to do.
  5. Writing adds a sense of surprise and anticipation to your life. What's going to happen when an editor sees my work? Will he/she like it? Will this manuscript be the one that prompts "the call"?
So while you keep your eye on the destination, make sure to enjoy the journey!

1 comment:

Colleen Love said...

OO yes!! I have never looked so forward to getting out of bed to get to work in the mornings! Nothing like being a slave to the voices in your head! hehe

But then there is the other part. You can use it as a threat. "You better be nice to me, or your going to end up in my next book!" lol... It can be said so many ways to mean so many things!
It seems to work well. lol!!

Great ponderings today, Sherrill!