Friday, November 16, 2007

Dark Pantheon Series

I'm so excited about this series that the Deliciously Naughty Writers will be writing for Ellora's Cave. Three of us (Anna J. Evans, Kelly Maher and me) have had our first novellas accepted.

The premise: The offspring of matings between the Greek gods and humans have a price to pay for the godly blood flowing through their veins--they must take the blood of others in order to survive. That's right. They're vampires.

We put a lot of thought into this series and decided that, at least initially, we'd all write stories that took place in different time periods. Mine is the first chronologically speaking, occuring in 623 B.C. Sparta. Yep, my vampire hero is a Spartan. Yummy! The next one would be Sierra Dafoe's, taking place in Medieval times; then Anna J. Evans', an 1880's Wild West story; followed by December Quinn's, a story that takes place during the London Blitz; and finally Kelly J. Maher's, a near future tale.

Each of our heroes, too, is a descendant of a different god. Mine comes from Ares, god of war (what else, since he's Spartan?!?); Anna's is a descendant of Apollo; Sierra's comes from Aphrodite (and it promises to be HAWT!); December's is a descendant of Hephaestus; and Kelly's comes from Hades.

Stay tuned for more information regarding release dates, etc. I'll post the info as it becomes available.

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