Friday, February 01, 2008

News On The Agent Front

After a few more minor tweaks, Beyond the Beast is finally going to get into the hands of a few publishers. My agent Susan is ready to send it off to four NY editors to begin with.

What a process this has been so far. I sent the initial query in September 2006, upon request sent a partial in October 2006, and upon request sent the full manuscript in March of 2007. About a month later the agent responded that she'd like to represent me. Then it was back and forth with revisions (and I'll admit as painful as it was, her suggestions made the book better) until finally, yesterday, she indicated it was almost ready to go. She just wanted to see a few more very minor changes, changes which took me about ten minutes to do.

The final manuscript went out to her this morning.

Keep your fingers crossed. I may be (figuratively) headed for New York!


Maria Zannini said...

Hugs, Sherrill! I'm sending karmic energy out to you.

Hope you hook a big contract.

Sherrill Quinn said...

Thanks, Maria. I'll take all the karmic energy I can get! :)

Maya Reynolds said...

Way to go, Sherrill!!!!

Watch out, New York, Sherrill's on her way.

Sherrill Quinn said...

Thanks, Maya. Your critique of the thing helped greatly! :)