Saturday, February 16, 2008

It's BIAW Time Again

The week before my local RWA chapter meeting we always do a Book In A Week (BIAW) challenge. The last several months I have participated but the week before the meeting seems to always be my least productive week--even though early in the year last year I routinely was the top-page winner. The winner most recently has been turning out over 70 pages in this one week.

Well, watch out! I have a novel (45-50k words) that I need to finish today, and I still have 12-17k to go. Plus tomorrow I need to plot and start writing another dragon shifter novella for Amber Heat--I'm thinking it'll be about 25k and so I *could* have it done in about 2-3 weeks. I'm shooting for 140 pages this week. Oy.

But I need to get all this done this fast because I have to start writing the sequel to Beyond the Beast that my agent has been trolling out. (I'll have more news on that later.) The deadline for that is August 1. Which is only 5 months away.

So, batton down the hatches. I have two gallons of iced tea ready and I'm ready, too. :)

On a side note, my blog has reached 50,000 visitors! Woohoo!!


Maria Zannini said...

And that's not even counting the people who read you through a blog reader.

Way to go, woman!

Sherrill Quinn said...

You're right, Maria. I do anywhere from 600 to 1200 words a week on the blog story. Plus a monthly short story that I have on my newsletter. :)