Tuesday, February 26, 2008

DOUBLE DRAGON by Sierra Dafoe

Book 6 in the award-winning Dragon's Heir series:

Cal is everything Kevan wants--or at least everything he thinks he wants. But as the crown prince of the dragon kingdom, Kevan is expected to marry and carry on the royal line. When Kevan brings the handsome young human back to Djarera, Melgara, the queen, orders him to keep Cal a secret--after all, what sane dragon would be willing to share her husband's affection with a human male?

In love with Kevan since she was nine years old, Melina Westron is determined to win the prince's trust--especially when she discovers the secret he's hiding is a man every bit as delicious as Kevan himself! Even better, she's delighted to find that the way to a dragon's heart... is through his lover.

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