Friday, March 12, 2010

Tucson Festival of Books

I'm taking a break from the usual frivolity on Fridays to remind you that this weekend is the second annual Tucson Festival of Books. In the romance track we have several NYT/USA Today bestselling authors, including Julia Quinn, Brenda Novak, Vicki Lewis Thompson, Cheyenne McCray and Jennifer Ashley. Plus yours truly wrapping things up on Sunday in a panel discussion with Elaine Charton about e-publishing.

If you're close enough, come down to the University of Arizona campus--it's gonna be a beautiful weekend, in the 70s with no rain in sight!


Tori Lennox said...

Wish I was there!

Colleen Love said...

I'm with Tori on this one!! Not only to have fun hob-nobbing, but to enjoy the warm weather! We are in the 40's, downpouring rain, high winds and power outages... Yea, fun... I'd better get my tongue out of my cheek before I bite it! hehe

Sherrill Quinn said...

Tori and Colleen, it was a gorgeous weekend with tons of people! It was fun and exhausting and I'm glad it's over and can't wait for next year. LOL