Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Tipsy Tuesday

Description in your novel helps bring the story to life for your readers. The more detail you can give on the world you've created, the easier it is for readers to immerse themselves in that world.

One way to do that is through color. There are so many different shades--giving your readers the best description goes a long way in painting a mental picture for them. Are your hero's eyes blue? What shade? Cobalt blue is different from ice blue, yet each conjures an image of a specific color.

So paint your canvas with words, and watch your story come to life.


Colleen Love said...

I so agree, Sherrill! Colors are the magic to everything in life. My daughter and I were discussing whether we would rather lose our hearing or vision, and without a thought I had to say I'd rather do without my hearing (because of childhood ear infections I've been there before, great excuse to ignore people! lol). I simply could not imagine not being able to see colors, especially after enjoying them my whole life. How would you describe the color green to a blind person? Or red. It would be really hard. So yeah, color is the spice of life and can be a very powerful tool in writing. :)

Great post today!


Rebsbelle said...

I remember reading a book in my youth, (long long ago!) about kids at camp, one was blind and one wanted to explain color to her/him. They warmed up a rock to show red as hot and as it cooled then it turned orange and blue was cold or cool water. It was really powerful writing, must have been to have remembered it this long. (clouds were cotton balls, yellow was the sunlight.) That's an interesting way to describe color thru other senses.

BTW yours is the only blog I read everyday, it started with the stories, and the men, now just because it's interesting.:-)

Sherrill Quinn said...

Colleen, I'm not sure I could choose. Your sense of sight tells you so much about the world and your surroundings, and your sense of sound helps you communicate with others and get around that world. Hopefully we'll never have to lose either one.

Rebsbelle, thanks so much for leaving a comment--and for your kind words. I'm very glad you enjoy the blog. :)