Friday, October 09, 2009

In A Giveaway Mood

I had a lot of fun over on Cynthia Eden's blog yesterday--thanks again to everyone who stopped by! I had so much fun, in fact, that I'm still in the mood to give stuff away. Not just any stuff, though--a copy of Richard Castle's book Heat Wave. (Somehow I had an itchy trigger finger and ended up ordering two. My loss, one lucky reader's gain. And I had to laugh when I saw the "author" photo on the back--Nathan Fillion--and cover blurbs by real life authors Michael Connelly and Stephen J. Cannell, who both have guest starred as themselves on the show.)

If you haven't read the first 9 chapters and would like to, ABC has them posted here.

Anyone who comments on my blog this week and next (and they have to be appropriate post-related comments, folks--play fair) will be eligible to win. So stop in and have a brief chat with me on any of the topics I post each day. I'll announce the winner next Friday.


Colleen Love said...

Hey Sherrill,
It was great fun to see everyone's answers too! :D


Amylynn said...

I'm finding myself enjoying Castle too, much to my surprise.
-Amylynn of

Firecat said...

I love Castle, and Nathan Fillion is perfect for the role. While the audience can root for Beckett and Castle to finally get together, I love the way that every time they start getting close Castle does something stupid. I think if they actually did hook up it would be the kiss of death for the show.

Sherrill Quinn said...

Colleen, it was interesting to me how many people don't like humor with their horror. Guess I'm just a goof. LOL

Amy, why surprise? It's the Murder She Wrote of the new millenium! ;)

Firecat, isn't he, though? And I agree--it's what ruined Moonlighting (Bruce Willis and Cybill Shepherd back in the...80s?). As soon as Maddie and David went to bed together, the show was done.

Debby said...

I have never heard of CAstle. So I took a look and it seems to be enjoyable.

debby236 @ att .net

Tamsyn said...

I must admit that I've not hear of Richard Castle. I would definitely check the first 9 chapters. Tamsyn

Anonymous said...

Castlebis one program I will not miss. I really enjoy it and look forward to the sparring and sparking between Castle and Beckett. I also like the roles the daughter and mother play. All my friends really like the show so hope it stays on for awhile.

Jackie said...

I love Castle...well, the actor who protrays him anyway...a great new show.

robynl said...

I, too, have never heard of Castle. So I went and googled him and found it very interesting.

Sherrill, having mentioned Moonlighting, gave me a much clearer picture of what this is about as I used to watch Moonlighting.

Sherrill Quinn said...

Debby, you should definitely check it out. Nathan Fillion is perfect in the role. :)

Hey, Tamsyn. I suppose Castle doesn't play in Japan? That's too bad. It's a terrific show.

JWlsly, I don't miss Castle, either. It's the best thing about Mondays. LOL

Jackie, isn't Nathan great? :)

You should definitely check out the show, robynl.

annalisa said...

I love watching Castle. Very enjoyable show! Love the interaction between the characters. :)

Sherrill Quinn said...

Annalisa, I agree. I particularly love Castle's relationship with his daughter, and his mother.