Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Tipsy Tuesday

As tempting as it is to "write to trend" or even imitate an author you like, writers need to stay true to their own voice and style. If you try to write an erotic romance but you're not comfortable writing graphic sex scenes, it's going to show. If you try to write vampires but really don't "get" paranormals, it will be apparent you haven't really, er, sunk your teeth into it.

So write about things that interest you, not what the market seems to be interested in. Learn from your favorite authors--how they do what they do and why it works--but don't imitate anyone. Be true to yourself and develop your own style.


Colleen Love said...

Great advice, Sherrill!

LOL I have to say though, there is still something uncomfortable about having a critic quote your love scenes and then proceed to mutilate them in public. *sigh* That's not very easy! lol But then there are those that love those same scenes, so it all balances out, huh.

Great post today! :)

Sherrill Quinn said...

Oh, Colleen. Yeah, that sucks. You just have to try and let it roll off your back, though it's hard. It does make it easier when you have someone else who loves it--it balances it, as you say.