Thursday, August 27, 2009

A Rose By Any Other Name...

I'm having a devil of a time landing on just the right name for the hero of my current work in progress. I've been calling him Tobias, which seemed all right, but with a secondary character named Dante...well, "Dante" is just more of a hero's name than "Tobias". (Plus "Tobias" is the name of the FBI guy on NCIS, and...yeah, no. Not what I have in mind for the vampire hero of my book. LOL)

I find I have a hard time moving my writing forward when I don't have a name that works. Because I don't have a good handle on the character if I don't have the right name. (In Daring the Moon, for example, Ryder actually started out as Damon Tarleton. I like Ryder Merrick much better!)

So I'm perusing my Character Naming Sourcebook last night, writing down names that I like and that sound good with the last name I've chosen (which I don't want to change). I think I've settled on one, and to explain why it's not exactly a name that would have been used (probably) in the South in around 1830 or so, the name is a family name (most likely his mother's maiden name).

I think that'll work.

Oh, and the name? Rafferty. Last name's a secret. LOL


Colleen Love said...

Rafferty is an awesome name! Said with a deep, passion filled voice, woo! :)

I like Sabastian too. Sounds very vampire to me. :)

I have to agree that Tobias, while a good name, is over powered by Dante. Ryder Merrick has a great flow to it too.

I love choosing names. I think the proper name can make or break the book.:) If an alpha character has a weak name, it kind of undermines who he is, unless there is a good reason for it. It would be like naming Warf (from Startrek), Tom. Eh, it doesn't work for me. lol!!

Anywho... TMI from my little brain... lol.

Have a great day today, and congrats on finding a perfect name.


Sherrill Quinn said...

Yeah, Tom the Klingon just doesn't cut it. LOL