Thursday, August 20, 2009

Romance Lit Statistics

Romance Writers of America lists these interesting stats on their website, from a survey done in May of this year, reflecting numbers from 2008:

74.8 million people read at least one romance novel.

There are 29 million regular readers of romance.

24.6 percent of all Americans read a romance novel last year, versus 21.8 percent in 2005.

Women make up 90.5 percent of the romance readership; men make up 9.5 percent.

The average reader is aged 31-49 and is in a romantic relationship.

91 percent are likely to seek out an author's previously published titles after reading a novel from an author they like.

45.1 percent were not aware that authors receive no royalty payment for the purchase of used books.


Colleen Love said...

You know what, Sherrill? There is nothing better than a brand new, freshly printed book! The smell of them, the feel of them and I always take from the back of the pile to be sure it doesn't have a broken in binding yet. I want to break it in! :D But then I'm kind of weird too... lol.

Speaking of... I am still looking for your books up here in Washington! I cannot find them anywhere! I even went to B&N in the mall and they didn't have it. I'm so bummed! No worries though, I am still looking! I will probably have to order it.


Sherrill Quinn said...

If they haven't stocked them by now, they probably didn't order any. You'll need to ask them to order you a copy. And...thanks!!! :)

Sara Creasy said...

I just spent way too much money on some new books at Amazon and consoled my self with the knowledge that at least the authors got a few cents each!

Sherrill Quinn said...

Sara, I usually buy new, too. There's just something about a brand new book!