Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Tipsy Tuesday

One of the writing-related blogs I routinely visit is by Jossey-Bass Executive Editor Alan Rinzler. (Jossey-Bass Publishing (in San Fransisco) is an imprint of John Wiley & Sons of New York. Rinzler's long career also includes jobs at Bantam Books, Rolling Stone Magazine, and Simon and Schuster.) In Rinzler's words, his blog is his "take on the challenges and opportunities writers face in the world of digital and print book publishing, the mysterious process of acquisition, development, sales, and marketing, how agents and publishers conspire and compete behind the scenes to find the best new authors, and other special features." Posts range from how to write an attention-getting book proposal to developing a selling “hook” and building your author platform.

His most recent post speaks to book covers--what goes into selecting them, who gets to weigh in, and things an author can do to help. Check it out here.


Colleen Love said...

Oh. My. God. I fell in!

I was going to have a quiet writing morning before the kids got up and I fell in and started reading! What a treasure trove of information, thank you so much, Sherrill! Your the best! :)


Sherrill Quinn said...

You're welcome, Colleen. It's good stuff, ain't it?!?