Thursday, April 17, 2008

Two New Novellas

I'm happy to announce that Ellora's Cave has accepted two more novellas from me--one, tentatively titled Angel and the Duke of Sex, is a Victorian with Jack the Ripper as the bad guy, menage a trois and light BDSM. The other one, tentatively titled Fallen Angel, is book #2 in the Sassy Devils series. The heroine a feisty homicide cop. The hero is an angel, but not just any angel. He's an Angel of Retribution--the tough warrior who's sent after angels who've gone rogue. So he's not like a "traditional" angel you may have read about before.

I'm pleased to say my editor loved both of them. (Of course she did. LOL) It seems like I have an angel theme going on, but the reality is that I wrote Angel and the Duke of Sex almost a year ago. I submitted it, it was put on hold, I was told to resubmit after we saw how my other books were received. I (re)submitted both Angels in January. (And, interestingly enough, with this story the title is what came to me first. Then the rest of the story fell together.)

I'm waiting on title approval, then there are edits to be done, so no idea yet on release dates. As soon as I know, I'll post it here.

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