Friday, April 25, 2008

Friday Funny

There has been quite a bit of squawking going on over the Internet regarding the Open Source Boob Project (you can go here to read about that). Dear Author blogged in response, as did author John Scalzi.

I realize the subject line of today's post is Funny Friday, and bear with me. This is the intro part--I don't think there is anything remotely funny about the OSBP (it's actually rather creepy to me and just shouts "here's another way to objectify women's bodies while trying to make them think it's a good thing" and, as several women pointed out on these other blogs, if a stranger (especially a man) came up to me at a conference and asked to touch my breasts, I'd immediately react in fear and at the very least a mental WTF?!? Maybe even a verbal WTF, if you startle me enough.).

However, there were some blogs that came out with a rather humorous response to the OSBP. I think my favorite response, though, has to be this one.

(As an aside, I'm a huge proponent for an Open Source Knee-to-the-Gonads Project... "May I touch your boobs?" "Sure, if I can squash your manly manly-bits.")

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