Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Spam...The Other, Er, Meat

Actually, I want to talk about email spam today. Thought I'd share some of the more interesting ones that have piled up in my Spam folder over the last several days, with subject line and the first bit of the body:

95% off for sherrillquinn - Hello, make a wise decision, get your pharmaceuticals from the most well-known onine shop. (Well, I don't know about you, but I usually do my online shopping, well, online. No idea what an onine shop is...)

Replica watches - Why would I want a replica watch instead of a real one? (No, really, that's *my* question. In four days I've gotten at least 25 spam mails about replica watches.)

emmanesk - luv eachother at midsummer season summer man p0wer. (Er, what?)

I wonder why you're still shy - Your new masculine power will make your beloved lady bubble over with happiness! (If I have new masculine power, I need to see my doctor...)

Extra huge proportions - With these new measurements of your manliness you'll dance in the sheets until dawn! (Um. No. See my comment above.)

The doorway to a new life - Your giant pecker will find a resting place in every woman's hole. (Okay, that's just ew.)

Compliments - Dearest compliments of the season to you. (And to you, too... I guess.)

estepurj - at spring girls put on their boobies and humps, don't miss your chance to love or not to luv there (WTF? I don't know about other women out there, but I don't have the option of "putting on" my boobies and humps. They pretty much go with me everywhere, all the time...)

utkeeper - simon says: love your now. now! you can smell love for everyone. (Come on, everyone. Smell the love. Smell the... WTF? Now, listen, I don't mind feeling the love, but smelling the love?!? Ew.)

Any interesting spam mails you've received lately?

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