Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Zodiac Series: Water

Is now available as a download at Liquid Silver Books!

My story: Redemption.

Abby McNeil was in the wrong place at the wrong time, and now her life is in danger. She is assigned a supernatural Protector--Damon Stratham. Damon's job: protect this innocent from harm while remaining invisible and unknown to her. But Abby's an extraordinary woman and Damon's not one to follow the rules.

Add a cranky archangel boss and a vampire Protector, and all sorts of mayhem ensues.

4 Stars from Just Erotic Romance Reviews: "If paranormal adventure is a favorite of yours then you have to read this book. It's non-stop action and adventure with a huge dose of passion. Abby is a courageous heroine and her bravery will have readers cheering for her. Damon has a dark and sensual sexuality that will leave you breathless and panting for more. Love scenes are steamy and readers are sure to enjoy the couple’s explosive passion. Ms. Quinn has created a book full of paranormal adventure and it’s sure to be a keeper."

4 Angels from Fallen Angel Reviews: "Sherrill Quinn has woven a sensual tale telling how love conquers all. Redemption is a wonderful story about second chances and love. Ms. Quinn writes with great depth about how two people need each other and are willing to sacrifice everything for that love for each other. Redemption is a fantastic read."

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