Saturday, March 01, 2008

DEEP COVER by Anna J. Evans

Here's yet another Deliciously Naughty release from one of my DN Writer pals:

In a dangerous new world where human fragility is a priceless commodity to brutal alien Dominanats, being a submissive can mean taking your life in your hands. The very idea makes alien ops agent Samantha's skin crawl. She's a woman in charge--in bed and out--and only fear for the life of her partner, Calen, could convince her to pretend otherwise.

When Calen goes undercover as an alien Dom in one of New York City's most violent S and M parlors, Samantha knows she has to folllow and pose as his submissive. For Calen, she'd risk anything, even discovering the lifestyle she thinks she abhors might actually be the stuff of her most wicked fantasies...

Read an excerpt or buy.

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