Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Tipsy Tuesday

This post is the last part of how reading affects your brain:

Not only does it make you smarter and boosts knowledge in general, reading protects your mind as well. When comparing college students to senior citizens, college students beat their elders when it comes to memory and tasks that involve logic and deductive reasoning. Except when the study was controlled for the amount of reading those people did. There, the results pointed toward the notion that reading a lot can compensate for the wear and tear time puts on the mind.

It's eye-opening--especially for parents of little ones just learning to read--to grasp how big a difference reading can make, and how important it is for children to have early success and positive feelings about reading.


Colleen Love said...

It is such a soothing thing to sit and read to a child. Even the most hyper ones will usually sit still long enough to look at the pictures while you read. It's amazing!

Jamie D. said...

If only I'd had this rationale when I was a kid, and kept hearing, "Put the book down, it's time for dinner!" :-)