Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Tipsy Tuesday

Once your book is out in the bookstores, there's at least one thing you can do--visit your local stores and ask the manager if you can sign your books. Readers (some, anyway) may pick up a book they know is a) signed and/or b) by a local author. I visited a Barnes & Noble and a Border on my side of town on Friday, and plan to hit the other stores in town this week. My experience at both stores was polar opposite.

At Borders, I was allowed to sign the copies of DARING THE MOON, and the employee helping me put "autographed" stickers on the covers. Then left. So, me being new to this, I put the books back on the shelf where I'd found them. Spine out. Which meant no one would see that the books were signed. (A friend went in the next day and, er, "rearranged" things so that my books are now face-out. Good friends are worth their weight in gold, I tell ya!)

At B&N, the manager took me to the customer service desk and, while I signed my books, she got on the computer and ordered more. Then, rather than put the books back where I'd found them, she put them on an endcap (which publishers usually have to pay more for). NEXT TO NORA ROBERTS. How cool is that?!?

Sometimes just a little effort on your part can make very positive results happen.

(Also, I discovered that DARING THE MOON is also available at Target.com. So I'll be stopping in at the brick-and-mortar Target to see if they have my book on their shelves.)


Colleen Love said...

That is so cool, I am just so very thrilled for you. Thank you for the advice! Later this summer it might come in handy! :D

I am going to go and have a look around and see if I can find your books. I can only imagine how thrilling it is to walk in and see your book sitting there on the shelf... next to Nora Roberts, no less. Wow Sherrill EEEEEEEEE!! :)hehe

Okay, I'm totally inspired now.



Sherrill Quinn said...

Thank you, Colleen. I'm thrilled for me, too. LOL

It was a definite "moment" for me--to have my books specifically placed not just on the endcap, but next to NR. Wow!!

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you that you'll have a similar story to tell this year. :)