Thursday, January 08, 2009

Another Trip to the Bookstore... check on DARING THE MOON. On last Friday I visited both the Barnes & Noble and the Borders stores on my side of town; yesterday I stopped in at the two stores on the other side of town (just 5-10 minutes from where I work).

I'd forgotten how huge that B&N store is. Wow. But they did have a copy of my book, which I signed, stickered, and replaced on the shelf face-out. See? I'm learning.

Unfortunately, the Borders didn't have any copies of my book--I'm hoping that means that the copies they did have had sold and not that they just didn't buy any.

And...yay! It's Thursday. The day before Friday. I don't know about anyone else, but after having two weeks where I only worked two days each week, this working five days a week thing is crap. Can we please have Christmas and New Year every other month? *G*

I'm also happy to report that DRAGONHEAT, my dragon shifter menage novella at Amber Heat, was the #1 best seller for the fourth quarter! And DRAGONFIRE, it's prequel, managed to hang on in December to be the #10 best seller. W00t!!


Colleen Love said...

Awesome, Sherrill!!

I haven't been to the book shops yet to see if your book is there yet. Sadly, I haven't been anywhere. The rocord snows have been melted by the record rains! :P So, most all of the roads are now closed due to flooding. Isn't that nice?? lol

I need a warm sunny place to vacation. lol


Sherrill Quinn said...

Wow, Colleen. Stay safe, hon.

As far as a warm, sunny place to vaca, I might have a suggestion for you there... :)