Thursday, November 20, 2008

Why Having An Agent Is A Good Thing

There are some writers out there who believe that they don't need an agent. And, in my opinion, if they're going to stay strictly in the e-pubbing field, they might very well be right. (Although they do need someone else--someone who's been there, done that--to look over their contracts before they sign them. Even e-pub contracts have legalese and confusing verbiage.)


What if you've set your sights on print publication? What if you're looking toward New York?

It's my observation--and belief--that an agent is not just someone who vets your contracts for you. S/he is not just someone who gets you a solid advance for your first novel. H/she is your partner--someone who will help you think about what your strengths are as a writer, and how to develop those strengths moving forward. How to write the best books you can.

On top of that, a successful, experienced agent (and hopefully that's the kind you're looking for/dealing with) knows the market and has the right contacts in the industry.

But it is true, too, that a bad agent is worse than no agent. So make sure you've done your research and make a wise selection.


Colleen Love said...

That is why I keep trying, Sherrill. It keeps me moving forward and keeps me learning. I try not to think about all of the things that are there to learn all at once, because that is suffocating, but more in taking one step at a time and learning and always moving forward. One day, my hope is that I will find an agent. But until then, I just strive to learn all I can.

Thanks for the great insight.


Sherrill Quinn said...

Take it one day at a time, Colleen. And you know the learning process is a continuous, life-long one, right? You'll never know everything you need to know. You can only do the best you can with what you have. Those who get to a point where they think they've acquired all the knowledge they need have, frankly, missed the mark.

Glad this was helpful to you.

Colleen Love said...

Exactly! I completely agree!!

Thanks again, Sherrill. :)