Tuesday, January 01, 2008

New Year Resolutions

I should call these goals, not resolutions, because history has taught me that I suck at meeting resolutions but when I set my mind to it, I excel at achieving goals.

So, let's first look back over what I accomplished in 2007:

  • Wrote (conservative estimate) almost 500,000 words (not including blogs, blog stories or monthly short stories in my newsletters), most of which sold.
  • Sold 10 novellas, eight of which were published in 2007, the remaining two scheduled for early 2008.
  • Obtained an agent and have a full-length paranormal romance with her.
  • Was the President of my local RWA chapter.
  • Took on three freelance writing projects utilizing my Human Resources background.

Whew! No wonder I'm tired. :)

Now, looking ahead to 2008, here are my GOALS (mostly writing related, but some personal in there, too):
  • Plot and write the sequel to Beyond the Beast (80,000 words).
  • Plot and write Books III and IV of the Sassy Devils series (65,000 words).
  • Plot and write Staking a Claim (sequel to Claiming Hannah - 25,000 words).
  • Plot and write the sequel to Dragonfire (25,000 words).
  • Plot and write my take on the story of Little Red Riding Hood (50,000 words).
  • Save money to attend the RWA National Conference in San Francisco in July.
  • Continue to do freelance HR work.
  • Readjust my viewpoint on diet and exercise--get fit and lose weight!

Busy, busy year ahead.


Maria Zannini said...

You are amazing, Sherrill! And a true inspiration.

All the best for 2008.

Su said...

~whew~ I'm exhausted reading your 2007 accomplishments and 2008 goals!!! Happy New Moon/Year to you too! ~Su, in PA, dreading the onslaught of snow to come...

Sherrill Quinn said...

Thank you, Maria. Happy 2008 to you!

Sherrill Quinn said...

Hey, Su. I talked to my mom today (in Ohio) and they're expecting 3-7 inches by tomorrow night.

No thanks! :)

Jenna Howard said...

Happy new year Sherrill!

Holy word countage, Batman!

I was planning on attending the San Fran conference. Until I bought a plane ticket to London. Choices choices.

Sherrill Quinn said...

Hey, Jenna. I hope 2008's off to a good start for you. Have fun in London--I'm jealous!!