Friday, January 18, 2008

Computer Woes

Two weeks ago as I was answering emails, my home laptop shut itself off. After I pushed the power button about a dozen times (all with the same result) and tried plugging the power cord into different outlets (and cussing like a drunken sailor), I got on my older computer and looked up the number to Hewlett Packard. I talked to "Kevin" who sounded like Apoo on The Simpsons. Anyway, 45 minutes later he determined that the problem must be with my AC adapter, which when plugged in didn't become warm as it should. So he took my mailing address and transferred me to someone else. Who took my mailing address. But two days later I had a new AC adapter. Yay!

Of course, it was an AC adapter that didn't fix the problem. So I get back on the phone, talk to someone else in India about the problem, and 2 days later receive a package to box up and send my laptop to HP for them to fix whatever internal problem there is.

Yesterday when I got home from work there was a note from the Fedex guy that he tried to deliver a package. I'm hoping it's my laptop (and that it's fixed!). I'm planning on leaving work early today and hopefully will be home in time to accept delivery today. If it goes like it did before, he tries the first day at 1:00 (which happened yesterday), then the next day at 2:30. If I don't make it today, hopefully the third attempt at delivery will happen tomorrow, when I'll be home all day.

Keep your fingers crossed. I miss my laptop.

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