Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Follow Up To Tucson Festival Of Books

Wow, what a ride! This past weekend saw at least 100,000 people crowding the University of Arizona campus to attend panel presentations/writing workshops, mingle with authors, and have a great time in 85 degree temps. Both of the panels I was on had more than 50 people in attendance, which is up from last year's attendance. Questions asked were thoughtful and attendees seemed grateful and excited to have access to over 450 authors.

There was live music performed throughout the mall. A miniature pony at the University Medical Center tent. Grilling at the Arizona Public Media Culinary Tent. Food vendors like Beyond Bread, The Fat Greek, and Brush Fire BBQ to name a few. Oh, and McDonald's with a booth giving samples of their Real Fruit Smoothies.

Lines were sometimes long at the food booths. People had to be turned away from some of the workshops. But overall people seemed patient. Kind. Maybe a little less prone to get upset over the little glitches that are inevitable. A wonderful energy that I hope to revisit again next year when I make my first appearance as Cynthia Garner.


Amylynn said...

Thank you for holding my hand during our panel together. It'll get easier and easier, right?


Colleen Love said...

Sounds like a lot of fun!! :D

Sherrill Quinn said...

Amylynn, you're more than welcome! I enjoyed doing the panel with you. And, yeah, right. It'll get easier. Sure. ;)

Colleen, in between moments of sheer terror... LOL Just kidding. It was a lot of fun. A lot of work, so it was exhausting, but it was fun.