Friday, February 12, 2010

Friday Funny

Check out this interview of me! Thanks so much, Amy! :)

And for today's funny... The funniest Super Bowl commercial evah!


Kara said...

That was my vote for the funniest too!! I just love Betty White.

Great interview!!

Sherrill Quinn said...

Me, too, Kara! And Abe Vigoda. :)

Colleen Love said...

Great interview, Sherrill! Loved it!

The commercial... OMG!! lol!!

Sadly, I missed most all of them, I was out at the barn. Bummer! Oh well, somehow fuzzy horsie kisses just seem more important. hehe

Anonymous said...

That commercial is awesome!

I didn't watch the game for fear of jinxing my friend's team (good thing since they won!) and we don't get the awesome commercials anyways.

Sherrill Quinn said...

Colleen, I didn't watch the Super Bowl, either, so I didn't see any of the commercials when they first aired. But the Internet is a wonderful thing! (And I'd go for fuzzy horse kisses over football, too.) LOL

Jenn, I'm not into football, though I understand it was an awesome game.