Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Tipsy Tuesday

Music can be a writer's muse. It can help focus your thoughts and aid in getting into a good writing groove. And what works may depend on the type of scene you're writing. Most of the time, if I'm listening to music while writing, it's light classical--nothing too "loud" that will break my concentration. It's just enough to fill the silence.

But sometimes, especially for darker scenes, I find Evanescence works great for me--even with lyrics, which in many cases can prove to be too distracting. There's just something about their sound/style that allows the writing to flow.

Happy writing!


Colleen Love said...

I looove putting a 'theme' song to stories! My favorite is light classical, acoustic guitar and Native American flute! Coupled with images of Jay Tavare it's a wonder I get anything done! :) Oh wait, then there's Jimmy Thomas, Viggo Mortenson, Mario Lopez... Oh hell, you get the idea... lol!!

Sherrill Quinn said...

Colleen, with that kind of inspiration, I'm surprised you get anything done, too! LOL