Tuesday, September 29, 2009

In Memory of Kate Duffy

I am saddened to report, as many people are already aware, that Kate Duffy, editor extraordinaire, passed away Sunday night. Kate was my editor and cheerleader, and boy am I gonna miss her. I'll miss her enthusiasm and sense of humor. I'm sorry I didn't get to work with her longer. She was a strong proponent of romance--there's going to be a huge hole in this industry with her gone.

Smart Bitches has a very moving post about her here.

See you later, Kate. Rest easy now.


Colleen Love said...

Wow, Sherrill. I'm so sorry. I just read Smart Bitches and am now, even more sorry. BUT... Wow, you got to work with the industry's most noted editor, and on your first book out the gate. What an incredible experience that must have been. And how lucky to have such an experience.:)

Big hugs for you.

Sherrill Quinn said...

I consider myself to be very lucky to have the chance, however brief, to work with Kate. It's still such a shock that she's gone. I never, never, NEVER thought she wouldn't go back to work. :(