Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Tipsy Tuesday

Well, it's another Tuesday, and another day for a tip.

I read a few agent blogs, most regularly Nathan Bransford, and in the last day or so he's posted about something I've observed in writers (including myself from time to time) that just drives me crazy.


In part, Nathan wrote: But perhaps the most dangerous period where impatience can affect your judgment comes when you are offered representation and are trying to decide on a course of action.

By the time an author is offered representation, chances are they've been working at it for years and have been dreaming about it for longer. Every cell in their body will be shouting, "Take it! Take it!!!"

Oy. Is that the truth! You've labored over a book (or books) for years, finally have honed your craft to the point that you're not just getting routine rejection letters, and when that one lone agent says, "I'm interested in representing you," you shriek to high heavens, dance a frantic Snoopy dance and rush to the phone to call all your friends. (What? That's what I did...)

But...you have to make sure that agent is a good fit for you. (Thankfully mine's a great fit!) Which means, hopefully, that you didn't send out queries to agents you really didn't want to work with.

The important thing to remember is to do your homework and take your time. Know what you want and who can best provide that to you.


Colleen Love said...

Doh! Impatience is my middle name! Once I hear from who I have sent a submission too, I'm fine! But its that in between time where you're waiting, and waiting, and waiting that gets to me. I stay busy with other projects and then that little voice teases me that I haven't checked my email in five minutes... LOL. *Head to desk* Head to desk* Head to desk*

Anyway, I will honestly admit, patients in this area is not my virtue!! :D

Great topic Sherrill. It's like you know me! hehe


Sherrill Quinn said...

I hear ya, Colleen. When I get an email from my agent saying she'll call me "today or tomorrow", I'm on pins and needles. And if it ends up being the day after tomorrow (cuz, lets face it, it's not like I'm her only client!)...ay-ay-ay! LOL